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Xhorse VVDI Mini OBD Tool Work with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Programming wiyh mobile software

Xhorse VVDI Mini OBD Tool Work with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Programming wiyh mobile software

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Brand- VVDI Mini OBD Tool
Condition: New
Part-Number- K518 ISE K518IS    
Year Support- ALL LONSDOR
Immo programming

Throttle Program

Shipping - from -- CHINA

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Manufacturer: Xhorse

Condition: New

Xhorse Mini OBD Tool is a wireless OBD vehicular interface that provides diagnostic reporting and manipulation as well as containing immobilizer programming capabilities.

if a key cannot be cloned or all keys lost then OBD is used

it also has some other functions like odometer corrections and adaptive resets


Xhorse Mini OBD Main Functions:

  • Immo programming
  • Throttle Program

More Function:

  • Battery Programming (Not yet open)
  • Odometer Correction (Not yet open)
  • Steering Angle Calibration (Not yet open)
  • Key Code Learning (Not yet open)
  • EABS Programming (Not yet open)
  • Remote Manual Programming (Not yet open)
  • Vehicle Diagnosis (Not yet open)
  • Tire Pressure Light Reset (Not yet open)
  • Maintenance Light Reset (Not yet open)

Can be used with VVDI Key Tool Max to perform remote function (Generate transponder, Transponder Clone, Generate Remote, Remote Clone, OBD matching transponder/remote/smart card.)

The underlying goal here is to provide you a single system which will guide you through creating a functional key and get it programmed to the vehicle.

Step 1: Read the vehicle data (VIN & immobilizer) via OBD utilizing the Mini OBD Tool and Key Tool Max (required)

Step 2: View the remote and transponder chip information for the vehicle you're plugged into, directly from the Key Tool Max tablet. Utilize that information to instantly generate your chip and key.

Step 3: View the proper keyway (on the Key Tool Max) for cutting on the Dolphin and cut your blade (once you've Lishi'd to determine your cuts).

Step 4: Take your completed key back to the vehicle for immobilizer programming with the Mini OBD Tool and Key Tool Max.

Step 5: Profit!

The diagnostic software suite will include the ability to read and clear check engine codes, modify antilock braking systems, adjust TMPS settings, performance tune the ECM and so much more.

Xhorse App V1.8.5 and up adds Xhorse mini OBD tool software

Now just Immo programming function and Collection testing data function release, OBD2 Diagnostic, Immo Programming, Maintenance Light Reset, Throttle body Learning, KM Calibration and more functions are under development.


How to Connect Mini OBD with Key Tool Max?

There are 3 ways for Key Tool Max connect to MINI OBD TOOL:

1--USBTYPE-C cable



  • Click on the [Select] on the HOME page, available device will be shown on the screen, choose device to connect according to Serial Number
  • Software will detect current device with software interface connection status, LAN connection status and WIFI connection status.

How_to_Connect_Mini_OBD_with_Key_Tool_Max How_to_Connect_Mini_OBD_with_Key_Tool_Max_1

How to Update VVDI Mini OBD Tool Software?

Xhorse VVDI mini OBD tool update is done via key tool max upgrade.

You need Xhorse Key tool Upgrade Kit.

Install it on your PC, make sure Internet-connected online.

>>connect white USB cable provided on Mini OBD Dongle to PC USB. Just follow-on pop-up screen instruction. This stage does not switch ON your Key Tool Max.

The upgrade kit will Auto Detect your device and update to the next version.

IMPORTANT update firmware version in sequence do not jump to the latest Version number.

Do it step by step until you get the latest version.

Finished>>>Switch on your Key Tool Max and pair (Bluetooth) with Mini OBD Tool, and you get screen pop-up menu on Key Tool Max.

  • Brand Name
    Mainland China
  • Certification
    One Year
  • Package
    Fine Packing
    Processing Time
    1-4 Working Days
  • Shipping
    Fast and Safe
    Best Discount
  • Special Features
    Power function

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