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Landy SC25 Engine Control Unit / ECU A56-D92
Landy SC25 Engine Control Unit / ECU A56-D92 Landy SC25 Engine Control Unit / ECU A56-D92

Landy SC25 Engine Control Unit / ECU A56-D92


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Brand- Nissan
Condition: Japan Used
Part-Number- A56-D92
Year Support- +++
Transmission - Automatic
Shipping - from -- Bangladesh
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Landy SC25 Engine Control Unit / ECU A56-D92 Landy SC25 Engine Control Unit / ECU A56-D92
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Vehicle information
Engine Control Unit / ECU (our     85921)

■Car name Landy
■Model DBA-SC25-6910**
■Age-type 2010
■Engine MR20DE CVT 2WD
■Mileage 214,000㎞The details
Mention Item Number A56-D92
Reference Genuine Item Number 33920-50Z90State
The operation is OK
There are a slight wound, the dirt in the use process for   

Depending on size, the weight of the product, the delivery of the   house becomes impossible.
For more details, please inquire whether the   identifies this than a question column.
    ※Please read before a bid by all means※

As you list it in a self-introduction column for the long holidays on a temporary holiday, please confirm it before  

About a bid
・I understand that it is  , and I would like a bid.
・A nervous person, the person wanting a perfect product hope that they have you refrain from a bid.
・To discount negotiations of the product price and the   cannot cope.
・The new ID, the person whom "it is bad," but an evaluation has many may cancel a bid after a judgment here.

About a question
・I would like the judgment with images as much as possible.
・As there are not data, I cannot look into the conformity of the imported car
・I may not answer a diversion purpose, the question to a selling things loose request.
・And, on a holiday (Sundays and holidays), in the   (8:30-17:30) outside, a question cannot give all responses.
The dispatch that cannot ship the tray period for New Year holidays on Sundays and holidays, please ask a question before a bid.

About a product
・I am not doing the lighting confirmation of lights basically. Please regard the electric bulb as  .
・I sell it in other networks. When a bid and sale occur at the same time, I may cancel  .
 In addition, please note that a product may be sold after the  .
・There may be just oversight as it is  . Please judge Genuine   and the product explanation from a mine image to think of in reference degree.

About returned goods, a refund
・I would like a no objection no return basically.

・Please note that you cannot refund the returned goods by the   mistake

・Only   supports returned goods, a refund.
 After the arrival of the product, please perform product confirmation, installation, operation check immediately.
 After that, please contact me within one week after arrival when there is poor movement.
 Any reason cannot support a product passed more than one week after the arrival.
 About a wage, the parts charges, other damage that exchange required cannot compensate it.

・It is poor in a case of the diversion and a wiring cut, an objection, movement after it was processed and does not cope.This handout "was made de.

Landy SC25 Engine Control Unit / ECU A56-D92

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